Dr. Becker’s general dental practice offers a wide range of treatments and services required by his patients.


Over the past 36 years of practice he has completed nearly 3000 hours of continuing education in all aspects of dentistry. His standards of excellence and personal expectations in his performance of dental techniques are very high.

Although most treatment is performed by Dr. Becker personally, his patients have benefited by occasionally having their dental treatment integrated with other dental and medical specialists. This integration of treatment allows planning and sequencing of procedures to save patients’ time, money and improve treatment outcomes.

Below is a list of the various types of dental specialists Dr. Becker from time-to-time will refer a patient to for additional services.

Endodontist: A dentist who specializes in removing the inner tissues of the teeth and filling the inside of the tooth with inert material.

This involves cleaning, disinfecting and shaping the root canals using microscopes and digital measuring instruments. Treatment is painless and for most teeth involves only one appointment. The tooth then usually requires a crown on top of the tooth to strengthen the chewing surface.

Oral Surgeon: A dentist who specializes in removal of teeth, surgery of the bone and facial structures.

These dentists also remove tumors and pathologic lesions, place implants and perform cosmetic surgery procedures. They are highly trained in sedation and usually have operating suites in their offices.

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Dr. Becker’s skills in General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry are first-rate.

He specializes in:

When a dental condition arises that requires an additional specialist, Dr. Becker can refer you to the best qualified professional. Dr. Becker will serve as your advocate and coordinate the treatment in your comprehensive dental care plan.

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