Outdoor Decks

Fine Fix Handyman will help you design your perfect deck!

If you have a specific design you want to build or you know you want to add a deck but cannot visualize what you want then you can trust Fine Fix Handyman will help decide on an elegant yet pratical design, complete drawings and an itemized estimate that will break down the estimate to show materials needed and the cost of materials. Labor costs are broke down shown separately.

Fine Fix Handyman Repairs Existing Decks!

Fine Fix Handyman can repair existing decks as well. Maybe you have an existing deck and just the surface is deteriorating but the framing under is still in good condition. We can resurface your deck, replace railings and stairs to restore your deck to look new.

Increase the life of your deck!

Keeping you deck clean and treated with paint or stain will increase the life of your deck and keep your deck looking fresh and ready for what you use your deck for, fun!

These are just a few ways Fine Fix Handyman is there to help you maintain your home’s value and keep it looking great year round.

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