Making your home a great place to live!

There are many ways to keep your home “a great place to live” but sometimes time slips by and so does the maintenance and up keep of your home. Keeping trees and shrubs pruned and shaped will aid in keeping your gutters and down spouts clear so run-off water goes where it should instead of next to the foundation of your home.

  • Keeping weather stripping and window sealing strips clean assures airtight seal thus preventing heat loss wasting your hard earned dollars on inflated utility costs.
  • Changing your furnace filter every three months will reduce the stress on your whole forced air heating system by eliminating dust that can build up on the internal fan in your furnace. Have your furnace serviced by a qualified technician every fall before winter sets in, detouring possible furnace failures during the winter months. Waiting on a list with no heat is NOT a fun experience.
  • Changing old incandescent light bulbs to new energy efficient bulbs can save a hundred dollars annually on your utility bill.
  • Replacing older toilets with a new water efficient toilets will save almost 3 ½ gallons of water per flush. That adds up to a lot of gallons of water in one year cutting your water usage considerably.
  • Stop squeaking door hinges with non-stick cooking spray instead of WD-40. The cook spray will not evaporate like WD-40 will over time.

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