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Web Design Certificate Capstone


Class 1

Review your websites individually. At the start of the class, you will have completed AT LEAST 50% of your website project.

Orientation, reviewing the Syllabus, assignments, tools and levels of students' abilities in HTML, CSS, WordPress, Bootstrap, etc.

Class 2

Complete the Executive Summary identifying your client and an analysis of the client's needs. You will present in class for feedback and critique.


A great brand experience for your customers is the result of setting concrete goals that meet both user and business targets. Wanting a "great website" that gives customers a "good experience" is not a goal. From

From Smashing Magazine: A Closer Look At Personas: What They Are And How They Work

Class 3

Complete the Site Organization and Design assignment. As usual, you will present in class for feedback and critique.
Sitemap tools include:

Sitemap for Webdesign by Olga (created with X-Mind) sitemap

Wireframe tools include:

Wireframe for the home page (created with Adobe's Experience Design CC) Wireframe

Fonts - Love it!


Adobe's Kuler - This is the color palette for

Class 4

Project documentation – focus on implementation and usability testing

Long tail keywords
Finding Long Tail Keywords by "googling!"

Class 5

In the final class, students will present their published website to the instructor, other class members and observers. Students will be provided with written feedback from their instructor and their peers which indicates if the site meets the criteria for a "Pass" or still needs improvement.

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